The far Pacific islands, though famously celebrated by travelers of past centuries as paradise on earth, are hardly touched by modern travel writers.

Intent on finding what remains of the dreams, Rayner abandoned a settled city life, bought an old steel ketch and set sail, soaking up marine and island knowledge as he ploughed 50,000 wet miles. Reach for Paradise is the ocean romance of this far-ranging journey written with deep insight of the islands and their peoples, customs, history and traditions, the influences that have shaped their destiny. All interwoven with the texture of mystery and marvel expected of legendary destinations.

For Pacific voyagers, Reach for Paradise will prove an invaluable resource. If a guide, it is the sort that tells you why you should go rather than how to get there.  And what you will miss if you can’t. It may be relished, too, by adventurous landlubbers and lovers of traditional travel literature.

A fantastic travel book celebrating the 10,000 islands of the South Seas. This first-hand account of the people, cultures, and wildlife of the Pacific Islands combines a powerful story of personal achievement with an educational and engaging chronicle of these diverse regions.
— PARKER LIAUTAUD, Environmental campaigner, journalist, polar explorer
A very unusual and absorbing book, a fascinating insight into the history and ecology of these beautiful islands, the innocence and rich way of life of the Pacific islanders. Written with infectious enthusiasm and humor, it is great fun to read.
— NIGEL WOLLEN, Commodore, Royal Cruising Club
Captures the mood of remote places in a highly readable travel book.
— BEAR GRYLLS, adventurer, author, TV star. Series include The Island, Man vs Wild, Born Survivor.
A literary world of Pacific characters living in paradisiacal lands.
— SIR RANULPH FIENNES, serial explorer and author of many books.
A keenly perceptive recognition of all the things a visitor to these islands might so easily miss and certainly shouldn’t.
— MICHAEL CAMPBELL, Commodore, the Royal Yacht Squadron

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