Reach For Paradise, is now available in hardback. It’s my story of the Pacific islands and of the islanders themselves, and of a journey to a fabled part of our planet disturbed by few visitors.

It was a surprise to find that the islands of the far Pacific, so celebrated in legend as the stuff of paradise, were virtually untouched by post-war travel literature. I had to go back to the nineteenth century and beyond for a real appreciation of their extraordinary place in the today’s overcrowded, travelling and deteriorating world. It was almost as much joy to write my story of ocean life with welcoming peoples and their ancient traditions as to travel the most delightful part of the globe still protected by time and distance from encroaching civilization.

 Andrew Rayner

 “Reach For Paradise may delight the travel reader, intrigue Pacific rim readers, and prove invaluable to anyone planning to cruise the Pacific”.

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